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Being passionate about playing poker means that you are always going to want to keep your finger on the pulse of the poker industry, and that is why the Legal Poker Report website was launched and has gone live.

There are plenty of unique ways that you can now play cash ring poker games, or enter poker tournaments, and no matter whether you visit land based poker rooms or choose to play at home on your computer or when you are out and about on your mobile device you will find plenty of information, poker guides and articles and all of the very latest poker news available on this website.

What does make the Legal Poker Report site unique is that we have a huge team of writers and industry experts who are very passionate about poker, and know that game and industry inside out.

They are famed for passing on their own unique thoughts and opinions in their respective guides and articles throughout this website and they will also ensure that as soon as any poker related news stories break they upload those news stories to this website.

It will therefore for very beneficial for you to bookmark this website or make sure that you do check back every single day, as by doing so you will never miss out on any up to the minute breaking poker related new stories.

We do have a huge number of people who visit our website that are simply looking to improve their poker play or learn new strategies or even find out where and when some of the best paying poker tournaments are up and running.

If that is something that does interest you then please do feel free to have a good look around this website for I just know you are going to find plenty of poker games that you may never have seen or come across before fully reviewed, and you are always going to find out when and where the very best poker tournaments are scheduled to be running and live.

The legalities of poker in many different countries is something that can be interesting to learn more about, and it is very true to say more and more countries are now beginning to put legal infrastructures in place to ensure citizens of some countries do get a safe and secure poker playing experience not only in land based poker rooms but when they play online or on a mobile device too.

If poker is something you are passionate about, then we do welcome you to the Legal Poker Report website, and we just know you are going to be spending many hours upon this site, making use of all of the content we have on offer, so please do have a good look around.

Our Team

David Nugent

Hi, my name is David and I am the chief editor of, I am proud to bring you all latest legal matters concerning the poker industry , I am a keen poker player working for some of biggest brands for the last 15+ years

Barbara Cohen

Barbara Cohen enjoys playing poker, however she isn’t fond of having to pay to play, and with that in mind she has set herself the challenge to locate the best Freeroll poker tournaments and any cash ring games that are free to enter put offer real money prizes.

Christopher Andrews

Christopher Andrews is our roving reporter and as such if there are any major poker tournaments or even poker related conventions he is the man we send there do report on all the latest innovations and poker tournament updates.

Claire Aleman

Claire Aleman specializes in poker law and regulation, and as such when there are any major or for that matter minor regulatory changes in the pipeline you can rest assured she will be altering our readership of them, and letting you know what those changes mean.

Craig Anthony

Craig Anthony is an avid poker player and we often tasked him with signing up to any new poker sites we come across and then writing warts and all types of reviews about what he discovers at those poker sites.

Danielle Green

Danielle GreenContributor

Danielle Green is our promotions expert, ever eager to sniff out the very best poker bonuses promotional offers and deals she will be bringing you plenty of information on where you should be playing and the bonuses that offer players true value too.

James Anderson

James AndersonContributor

James Anderson probably has the easiest job of all out authors, for he is the man we turn to when any new poker games have been launched or are about to be, obviously there are not that many new poker game variants going live regularly, so we try and keep him busy with other tasks too!

Jay Castillo

Jay Castillo has been playing poker from a very early age, and that experience has ensured he knows all the best strategies that any player can and do adopt so if you want to master the very fine art of playing poker yourself then make sure you follow his news stories.

Jessica Wilson

Jessica WilsonContributor

Jessica Wilson has something of a passion for poker site terms and conditions, if you have ever fallen foul to a set of badly written poker site terms and conditions then she needs to know, so she can do her upmost to get them changed.

Michael Wright

Michael Wright is our technical whizz-kid and as such he will be reporting on poker software platforms and also bringing you the very latest information of mobile poker apps, as well as the legal requirements such sites and apps have to comply with.

Amanda Rothman

Amanda Rothman is our eyes and ears in the poker tournament playing environment, and as such she is tasked with bringing you all the latest poker tournament related news such as where they are being held and the size of the prize pools on offer.