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Downtown Vegas Poker Rooms as Busy as Ever

August 21, 2018 August 21, 2018 Michael Wright

For the savviest poker players, they are always going to be looking for land based poker venues that give them more, whilst also trying to ensure that the poker rooms they do frequent have lots of different players playing in them too.

There can be nothing worse than playing at a poker room that charges missives rakes and give you virtually nothing by way of comps and little extras, and playing the same poker players every time you visit a land based poker room is something that should be avoided too!

You may be planning a visit to Las Vegas in the very near future, and if you are then take it from me as a first time poker playing visitor to Las Vegas you are going to be overwhelmed, and overwhelmed very quickly by just how many poker rooms there are there!

However, it is always the case that the savviest poker players and those low rolling ones too are always going to make a beeline to play Downtown, and even though Vegas is fairly quiet currently, from a visitor count point of view, the Downtown poker rooms are as busy as ever with players!

Downtown Vegas is Safe

One question that poker players do often ask when they are visiting Vegas for the very first time and fancy going Downtown is whether the area is a safe one to visit, and having visited there more times that I care to remember I have always found it to be very safe.

Admittedly you are going to come across down and outs and people begging for money, and the occasional Vegas ner do wells, but you will always find such people in any major holiday and gambling destination, but on the whole Nevada is just as safe as any other holiday destination in the USA.

Planning Your Downtown Vegas Poker Playing Activities

What I would however advise any poker player that is planning to visit Vegas and the Downtown area for the very first time is to plan your poker playing activities well in advance, and be aware that it can at the busier times of the year take quite some time to get around town too!

There are however plenty of buses that go up and down the Las Vegas Strip and make their way finally Downtown, and there are plenty of cabs available too, so do plan where you intend to play poker and leave enough time to get to the poker rooms you have chosen is a solid piece of advice!

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