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42 People Caught Playing Illegal Flush Poker Game in India

August 15, 2018 August 15, 2018 James Anderson

It often surprises first time visitors to India, that there are some very strict rules in place regarding where you can and can’t gamble, and anyone who is found gambling illegally do run the risk of being heavily fined or even being imprisoned for up to three months.

However, with the illegal gambling business worth an estimated $60billion in India, that does of course mean that there are always people willing to break the law to get their next gambling fix, and that has just proved expensive for 42 businessmen!

Those businessmen were attending a regularly held illegal gambling event in the Sahara Star Hotel in Santacruz, India which the Property Cell of the City Crime Branch had already heard was taking place, and as such a well organised raid on the seven suites that had been booked by the organisers of that even was staged.

All of those businessmen were arrested and the game it was discovered they have been playing was a three card poker type of variant known as Flush, which is one of the most gambled on card games in India.

India Public Gambling Act of 1867

Most counties of the world do have their own laws and regulations in place that dictates if along with when and where gambling activities can take place if at all and it is the India Public Gambling Act of 1867 which is the legalisation used to dictate all gambling laws in India.

There are two types of land based casinos that are permitted in India, those that are land based and those casinos that are on water, such as on the Mandovi River, and there are only three areas in India which do have legal casinos available those being Goa, Daman and Sikkim.

Ignorance of the Laws Is No Defence

The police across India do have something of an ongoing battle with illegal gambling activities and those charges with detecting it and prosecuting those found to be partaking in any type of illegal gambling activities in India do have their work cut out.

Therefore, to avoid the very real risk of you being fined heavily or even being carted off to jail, if you are ever thinking of visiting India and the urge to gamble does overtake you, then you will be best advised to go to one of the many land based or river based casinos in Goa, Daman or Sikkim!

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