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Anti-Collusion Systems and Regulations at Poker Sites

July 21, 2018 July 21, 2018 Barbara Cohen

I know I have certainly worried about it, and collusion between poker players when you are playing at an online or mobile poker site may just be something that may have caused you concern in the past or may be doing so right now.

Collusion is possible these days quite easily, for if a poker site does not have very robust systems in place to detect it, then all a gang of online poker players need to do is to sign up to any poker site, log into one table and then pass on their hand details to the other team members via an instant messaging service.

However, that is something that both poker sites and poker regulators are fully aware of could happen and there are now a huge number of ways that they can and do detect any type of collusion between players at their sites and at sites they regulate.

Many of the ways that they will be able to detect collusion is of course secret, for if they widely promote their anti collusion systems then it wont be very long before players work out ways to circumvent them and high stake poker players are at most risk of being defrauded!

Easy Ways to Spot Collusion

By far and away the easiest way for any poker site operator to be able to detect collusion between players is to simply have a system in play that monitors in just which poker rooms and in which poker tables their players are playing in.

If it has been detected that the same players tend to play at the same tables each time they log into a poker site, then there is a very good chance that those players are working as a team!

How to Avoid Collusion

There are plenty of ways that you as an online poker player are going to be able to protect yourself from the risks of playing against a team of players that are working as a team to rip you off, and one way is to ensure that you play at sites that are licensed and regulated.

By doing so those sites will be required by law to ensure that players are always protected by the very best systems available, and therefore your risks of being ripped off by a team of players working together will be negated when playing t such sites.

Many poker sites now also allow their players to set up private poker tables, and as such only players they know can utilise those poker tables.

As such it may be beneficial for you to play at sites that do give you the option of having your own personal poker tables and then you can ensure the people who are playing with you are people you know and trust!

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