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Are Poker Bots Legal to Use at Poker Sites

July 25, 2018 July 25, 2018 Barbara Cohen

Due to the way in which the many different variants of poker have been designed, it is possible to design something known as a poker bot that can be used to play poker in such a way that it will always be using the very best strategy for each variants of poker available.

In fact, a simple search of the internet will reveal to you that there are a large number of poker bots as they are known available to purchase online, and those bots for all intents and purposes are simply a piece of software.

Anyone who pays for and then downloads that should will simply have to launch it when they log into their chosen poker site, or the poker site that the poker bot software has been designed to work on, and then it will be the poker bot software that players off their hands for them.

However, it should be noted that many poker sites have rules in place that forbid their users from using any type of poker bot software, and users that do will be banned for those sites, however it can be very difficult and in some cases even impossible for a poker site to detect the use of such software!

Why Use a Poker Bot?

The only reason why a poker player would ever want to use a poker bot is to allow them to ensure that every single hand they play off is being played to the very best strategy available based on the variant they have chosen to use that software on.

That software will evaluate the winning chances of each cards dealt out to the user’s hand that is using that software and will then make the decision as to whether to fold, call or raise the hand based on the mathematical chances and probability of that hand winning.

Do All Poker Bots Work?

Be aware as mentioned above, you are going to come across quite a lot of different poker bots if you do a simple internet search, and it needs to be pointed out that not all of them are programmed in the same way, and the vast majority of them are rather basic in their design!

It takes a great deal of time, money and effort to design a poker boot that can replicate the very best playing strategy for any poker game variant, and as such to purchase such software you may be required to pay a very large amount of cash.

Having said that as they are a legal grey area, you will be taking risks when purchasing such software online, for many scam artists will be offering a poker bot that doesn’t work as you may be expecting it to, and often some fraudsters will set up lots of websites selling such software that simply doesn’t work, and you will then lose any money you have spent purchasing it.

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