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Can Poker Players Legally Play Poker in the USA?

July 26, 2018 July 26, 2018 Jessica Wilson

The laws surrounding playing poker online or playing poker on a mobile poker app are constantly changing and evolving, however as a very large proportion of poker players live and are based in the USA you may be wondering whether you are going to be able to play poker legally online if you live or are based in America.

Well, it will all be down to just which US State you are based or living in, for over the last few years some US States have warmly embraced online and mobile poker site and the gambling regulators in those States have issued gambling licenses to a number of gambling companies based there.

What you should therefore make a point of doing is finding out whether you are legally able to play poker base don just which US State you are in, for example you can play poker online if you are over the age of 21 and live in Nevada, Delaware and Atlantic City for example.

You do however need to be aware that if you attempt to sign up to any US licensed and regulated poker site and you are not inside the State boundaries of those that do allow real money poker players from, then you will be locked out of that website as they all have GEO tracking software that can instantly detect where you are.

Account Verification

There will be no way of getting around the account verification system in place at all USA licensed and regulated poker sites, and as such you are going to have to supply those sites with your own personal details when signing up to those sites.

However, as soon as your account has been fully verified then you will not have any restrictions imposed on your account, and as long as you are within the State boundaries you are always going to be able to play poker online at those sites for real money whenever you so desire to.

Payments Accepted in Land Based Casinos and Poker Rooms

One additional benefit that you will also find on offer to you if and when you do play at an online poker site that is part of a land based casino operation is that you are going to be able to top up your online and mobile poker accounts in cash at their land based venues.

Bot only that but most of them are now also going to allow you to cash out your winnings at the cashiers cage at those venues, in cash, so all winnings achieved when playing online or via a poker app are always instantly available at those venues too!

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