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How Quickly Can Regulators Force a Poker Site to Pay-Out?

July 26, 2018 July 26, 2018 Claire Aleman

If there is just one type of problem that does appear to get the most poker players complaining about, it is in regards to the length of time that they have to wait sometimes to get paid out their winnings that they have achieved playing cash ring poker games or playing in poker tournaments online.

Therefore as a player who may be experiencing long delays in getting paid out their winnings you may be thinking of approaching the regulators of a poker sites or poker app and asking them to force them to speed up your most recent withdrawals and get it paid out to you quickly!

Just be aware that there could be several valid reasons as to why a poker site has not paid you out your winnings in a timely fashion, and one reason is that you may have fallen foul of a bonus term or condition when playing off awarded bonus credits.

Another reason is that you may not yet have had your poker site account fully verified, and each poker site is required by law to ensure they have verified the age of their players to ensure they are old enough to legally play poker at their site, and they must also verify the identity and the address of their poker players too!

Web Wallets Offer Rapid Winning Pay-Out Options

You can of course use all manner of different payment option when making a deposit into any poker site, however if you want to ensure that the poker site you are playing at is able to pay you out rapidly then it may be beneficial for you to use a web wallet.

That way and by doing so as soon as the poker site sends you your winning pay-out back to a web wallet the funds will be available in that account instantly, and then you can withdraw those funds back to your bank account or use them in any way you so desire.

Consider Using a Cryptocurrency Too!

There is a fairly new way that you may be interested in using as a form of both deposit and withdrawal option for funding and cashing out your winnings from an online or mobile poker site and that is by you choosing to use a cryptocurrency.

There is of course the added advantage that such transactions are performed anonymously and you do have plenty of options for turning any cryptocurrency into cash at a time of your own choosing too, so there is another option if you only have a limited number of options available to you.


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