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Is Asking a Poker Player for Proof of their Income Legal?

July 25, 2018 July 25, 2018 Christopher Andrews

All gambling sites including poker sites are required by their licensing authority to ensure they comply with current Know Your Customer requirements, and as such as a player that has just signed up to any such site you are going to have to comply with those requirements too.

What that means is that you will first and foremost have to provide documentation, usually in the form or copies or clear photographs of those documents that prove your age and identity. In most cases a copy of photograph of a driving licence or a passport will help you fulfil those requirements.

To prove your address however you will also be required to send into the security team at a poker site a copy or a recent utility bill, and that is where some people can fall foul of those regulations as they may not pay any bills at their current home.

Therefore do make sure that you do have all of the required documents before you start to deposit and play at such sites for if you don’t there will be no way that you can get your account verified. However, some poker sites are also asking players who win and cash out for proof of their income too!

Why Do You Need to Prove Your Income?

Imagine how you would feel if a poker site you had been regularly playing at asks you for proof of your income before they will send you any winnings you have requested, I know I would be furious, much more so if I had already complied with their other Know Your Customer requirements!

It would appear however that it is players who have been depositing large sums of money over the course of a few days, weeks or months that are being asked for proof of income, as the poker site operators need to know those funds were legally those of the players and not for example stolen!

Different Gaming Authorities Have Different KYC Rules

It is the price you will have to play when you set about playing poker games online in a real money environment, complying with Know Your Customer regulations, but it is worth noting that each gaming authority will have their own unique rules in place regarding how they licensees must comply with them.

You will however always be best advised to gamble at sites such as poker sites that are licensed and regulate din the State or Country in which you live or reside, for that way the rules in place at those sites will be fairly standard in your own country of residence or in the US State you live in.

But at the end of the day you do need to understand that failure to comply with any requests for documentation by a poker site to prove your age, identify and address can and often will result in your account being closed or suspended and any pending pay-outs put on hold until such a time you can prove all of those things.

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