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Laws Surrounding the Operating of Poker Sites

July 27, 2018 July 27, 2018 David Nugent

The laws surrounding the operation of online poker sites and much more recently mobile poker sites have changed  from they way they used to be licensed and as such you are now afforded all manner of different protections when you do play at a licensed and legally regulated poker site.

However, as long as you always keep in mind that not every single poker site you do come across is licensed and make a point of actively seeking out and only ever playing at online or mobile poker sites that are licensed then you will rarely if ever at all run into or experience any problems at those sites.

Things that you will find you are guaranteed of being offered at all legally run and operated poker sites and mobile poker sites are having the peace of mind in knowing every single hand of cards that is deal tout has been randomly selected.

Plus, your funds are always going to be kept in a segregated bank account too, so if anything ever did happen to the poker site you have been playing at and still have funds in your account at those sites, then you will get paid them back out to you.

Minimum Age Requirements

All poker sites are going to have to get to know their customers and part and parcel of their Know Your Customer requirements as you will discover in the next part of this new story is finding out how old their customers are.

The reason why they need to find out and discover the age of their customers is that there is a legal requirement for all online and mobile poker site players to be the legal minimum age to gamble in the country they are based in at least, so if you are not old enough to play you will not be allowed to it is as simple as that!

Know Your Customer Requirements

I would urge you to familiarize yourself fully with the individual know your customer requirements that are going to be in place at any and all online or mobile poker sites that you may be about to sign up to and play at.

By doing so you will then be fully aware of when you will be legally required to get your account fully verified and whether those poker sites and/or poker apps are going to be able to automatically and possibly electronically be able to verify your poker accounts instead.

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