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Legal US Poker Sites Cause Loss of Business for Offshore Poker Sites

August 28, 2018 August 28, 2018 Barbara Cohen

With the advent of legalized online gambling in the US, that is having something of a negative knock on effect for many US facing poker sites that are based offshore, for many of them are experiencing a massive decrease regarding the number of players they have on their poker networks and platforms.

It has always been the case up until recently that offshore based poker sites have had something of a monopoly with US players, for with US States not being able to allow their gambling regulators to offer gambling licenses to such sites, US poker players have had no other option but to play at those offshore licensed sites.

However, those times appear to be changing, and as for example you can now player poker perfectly legally online in places such as Nevada, and with online gambling also becoming a reality in many more US States shortly, the days must surely be numbered for any online poker sites that are not licensed in the US but target US poker players with their services.

That isn’t a bad thing really, for by American poker players now being able to play and gamble at locally licensed poker sites and gambling site in general they will be afforded much more protection that they have ever been.

All Poker Game Variants Available Online

As it will be a rather alien concept for quite a number of poker players in the US playing poker online, it should be noted that one of the main benefits of playing poker online is that players do get access to a very large number of different poker game variants.

As such if you have always been very passionate about playing on particular poker game variant but have rarely or never found it on offer in your local land based poker rooms, there is a very good chance you will find that variant available online!

A Plethora of Online Poker Tournaments

One final thing to be aware of if you do fancy chancing your arm so to speak playing poker online is there are going to be a never ending supply of poker tournaments that you can sign up and take part in.

Many of those poker tournaments could actually be free to enter ones, but even the paid to enter online US player friendly poker tournaments will offer a range of different buy-ins, so you will find no shortages of them that you can afford to take part in!

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Barbara Cohen enjoys playing poker, however she isn’t fond of having to pay to play, and with that in mind she has set herself the challenge to locate the best Freeroll poker tournaments and any cash ring games that are free to enter put offer real money prizes.

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