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Next US State to Legalise Online Poker Could Be Illinois

August 2, 2018 August 2, 2018 Michael Wright

It has proven to be the case that for those US States that have legalized online gambling in one shape or another, a whole new revenue stream can be and is opened up for both gambling companies based in those States and also for the coffers of the local government too via things such as license fees and of course taxes.

As such, there have been many US States that are very eager to follow the example set by both Nevada and New Jersey regarding putting into place a robust and reliable infrastructure that will allow them to license and regulate online gambling sites such as poker sites for example.

Poker is of course a very popular pastime, and whilst many people do enjoy paying a visit to a land based poker room, soaking up the atmosphere in such places and also trying their luck in both cash ring games and poker tournaments, being able to play from home does appeal to many such players.

It is also the case that many first time and novice poker players feel somewhat intimated with playing poker in a land based venue, and as such will be prepared to try their luck online. Illinois appears to be the next US State that is seriously looking into legalizing online poker and other online gambling sites too.

Why Play Poker Online?

Playing poker online when you do make the effort of ensuring the poker site you are playing at is licensed and regulated is going to be a very safe thing to do and your funds are always going to be accessible and kept in a segregated client account too.

By playing online you can play cash ring games and also enter huge prize paying poker tournaments too, some of which can be free to enter by the way!

Us Based Online Poker Sites are Safe and Secure

The way in which online poker sites are licensed in the few US States that do permit online gambling is by using various different methods and systems to ensure that players are accessing poker sitesthat offer provably fair and random games and are never going to be cheated by poker players colluding.

Not only that but as the poker site operators are going to be based in each US State then you are always going to be able to contact such sites very rapidly and easily too if you do ever experience any type of problems!

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