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Poker Player to Sue Casino over World Series of Poker

August 24, 2018 August 24, 2018 Amanda Rothman

A court case is about to one up a whole can of worms for the Worlds Series of Poker, for a player is aiming to get recompense for the way he was treated in a poker tournament held back in 2017 which resulted in him being thrown out of the venue it was being held in!

It was at the Rio Convention Center in Vegas that this saga played out which saw him being removed from the casino due to the fact he has been banned from all properties owned by the parent company, Caesars, years ago when he had been accused of card counting when playing Blackjack.

The upshot of his removal from the casino was that his entry into the $10,000 buy-in tournament he was taking part in, which was at the day three stage of the tournament also came to an end, which as he had acquired a huge stack of gaming chips in that tournament of some 630,000 chips was a bitter blow for that player

The case is of course being defended by Caesars, and they are hoping the case will be dismissed and thrown out of court but with the player in question that being Joseph Stiers being ordered to pay its attorneys fees in full.

Casino and Poker Rooms Can Refuse Admission

It has always been the case, whether a gambler likes it or not that and Las Vegas based casino has the right to refuse admission to anybody that they deem to be unsuitable.

The most general course of action he casino will take is to simply ask a player to leave, however if there is a risk that a player will return the casino can threaten the player with trespass if they return again to that venue at any time in the future.

Card Counters Can be asked to Leave

Card counting is a strategy adopted by some Blackjack players in which they keep track of the playing cards that are removed from the game, and they are then going to start to place big bets onto the Blackjack table when the remaining cards in a deck are of more benefit to them than the Dealer.

The only course of action open to a casino venue when they suspect a player of card counting is to ask them to leave, as it is not illegal to count cards, but no casino likes the fact that a player is going to have an advantage over the house when doing so!

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