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Regulators Advice for Seeking Help with Poker Site Complaints

August 9, 2018 August 13, 2018 Jessica Wilson

The majority of online and mobile poker site regulators do find themselves in something of an unusual situation regarding the way that they offer help and support to any players who feel that they have a valued yet completely unresolved company about a poker site.

For many of them have not been given any powers what so ever regarding being able to look into any such poker site or poker app complaints and get them resolved in a quick and simple fashion, much to the annoyance of many players of course, poker players want to play safely and in a professional manner too.

One would have thought that if a government agency such as a gambling commission or a gaming authority had been given the power to issue gambling license and put into place all manner of rules and regulations that poker sites must adhere to, then surely they should be also in a position to hear player complaints and get them sorted out.

However, that is not the case with many gambling commission and gaming authorities, and what they simply do is instruct all of their gambling license holds to nominate a third party to handle complaints for each of those license holders.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

The third party companies that are going to be looking into complaints will be chosen by the operators of for example a poker site, but they are in no way part of the poker site and as such will act in a completely independent way.

However, the poker site will act on any outcome of any complaint submitted to their Alternative Dispute Resolution, or ADR third party company or organisation if a poker player does submit a complaint to them regarding their operation and will do what has been asked of them by their ADR to put the matter right.

Choosing a Poker Site Carefully

It is of course therefore very important that as a poker player you do make a point of carefully picking out at just which poker site or on just which poker apps you choose to play, as you ill certainly not want to experience any problems playing at those sites or using a poker app.

What I have found however that it is often worth checking to see just what other players have to say about a poker site by for example checking out review sites, where customers of poker sites can leave their won feedback on each one they have played at, and by doing so you will find which ones tend to have the least or no complaints at all!

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