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Ukraine Declares Poker is a Sport!

August 27, 2018 August 27, 2018 Claire Aleman

In a very unexpected move today, the powers that be in Ukraine have decided that rather than officially list poker as a game of chance and therefore gambling game, they have declared it as being a game of skill and therefore a sport.

That means that you will now find Poker listed on Ukraine’s Register of Recognized Sports as a sport, and therefore it will not come under the very strict gambling laws in that country, and that will of course open the door to many poker venues and sites in that country.

There are of course many other countries of the world that have been trying to decide legally whether poker is a game of skill or a game of chance, and whilst anyone with any experience of playing poker in any playing environment know, you do need to be very skilful to play it, law makers in many countries of the world simply have no grasped that concept.

Over in India they are still currently trying to decide what legal status to give the game of poker, for there are a huge number of poker players in India who enjoy playing it, but are afraid of the potential consequences if they are found doing so.

Licensed Poker Rooms and Poker Sites

In those countries where poker has been deemed to be a game of skill rather than a game of chance that has seen in those countries a very large increase regarding the number of poker sites and venue becoming licensed and regulated.

By actually legalizing poker many countries of the world then do start to reap the benefits of taxing such venues and sites, and let’s face it as the end of the day tax income and revenue is always want governments are very interested in and wish or raise!

Avoid Playing Poker Illegally

If you do however live in any country where poker has been deemed to be illegal, then you will run all manner of risks when trying to play poker within the shores of that country.

What most poke players tend to do however is to play at online and mobile poker sites that are based in other countries, but there are also risk involved with playing poker at those sites, much more so though if they are not license and regulated, so keep that in mind if you do fancy playing!

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Claire Aleman specializes in poker law and regulation, and as such when there are any major or for that matter minor regulatory changes in the pipeline you can rest assured she will be altering our readership of them, and letting you know what those changes mean.

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