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Are Regulators Making Poker Promotions a Thing of the Past?

August 3, 2018 August 3, 2018 Danielle Green

With the increase in US States taking a keen interest in legalizing online poker sites, and with many regulators now taking a much stronger stance in overseeing the ways poker sites offer promotional offers, many players especially are wondering if poker related promotional offers are going to become extinct.

One of the main tools all poker sites utilize to ensure a steady stream of players, both new and existing players will return to their poker sites are promotional offers, which can and do take many forms, however it is usually some form of bonus they will make available to players then stirs up the greatest interest.

However, over in the Great Britain for example the UK Gambling Commission and the Competition and Markets Authority are working hand in hand to ensure every single advertisement for poker sites and gambling sites in general do not in any way mislead players nor do they appeal to underage gamblers.

That means that even third party affiliate sites are going to come under their scrutiny, and any errors or omissions on those third party sites will see the poker site that is being promoted in an incorrect way being held responsible for them.

Reason Why Regulators are Taking Action

It is purely down to the increase and constant number of complaints received by poker players that has forced the hand of regulators, and having studied many of those complaints in detail the main reason or those complaints are incorrectly worded and in some cases outright misleading advertisements.

As such the poker site operators are desperately searching for a solution that will ensure their affiliates and marketing departments can promote their sites in such a way that they will never fall foul of current legalisation regarding promotional offers, deals and bonuses.

Using the Services of an ADR

If you do ever find yourself having a problem with a poker site, especially regarding any promotional offer you may have been tempted to claim then you do have a channel open to you to see redress for those problems.

Whilst many gaming commissions and authorities do not handle player complaints directly, they do require those sites licensed by them to nominate and third part alternative dispute resolution service, and it will be to those third party organisations that you should initially take your complaints directly too, but also the CMA if you are based in the UK.

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