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Dealer and Poker Player Collusion Hard to Detect

August 2, 2018 August 13, 2018 David Nugent

There are many things that poker room operators are going to have the keep their eyes on, including their players visiting such a venue but also their staff. For whilst it is fair to say that collusion between Players and Dealers is fairly rare, it still goes on to this day!

What many poker players tend to do is to take for granted the cash ring games or even the tournaments they are entering are fair and above board, however if they do ever sit down to play in either playing environment and a Dealer is colluding in one way of another with one or more players, that can spell disaster for other honest players.

It is however often the case that a team of players may descend on such a venue, and it can often be fairly straight forward and easy for a poker rooms security staff to detect them, due to the many CCTV cameras in such venues and with the help of the floor staff too.

In fact, when playing online there are now many systems in play to ensure that if players are colluding at any online poker site is a relative easy for them to be detected, but collusion is still a headache for poker room and poker site operators, make no mistake about that.

How Players and Dealers Can Collude

There have been plenty of ways discovered overt eh years whereby Dealers and Players have been found to be colluding, one way is by a dealer rigging the deal in one way of another to ensure the best cards being dealt out always go to his or her accomplice.

It could also be possible for a dealer to overpay or slip high valued chips to players too, and that is another way that poker room cheats are able to tip the odds in their favour of course!

Always Remain Vigilant Playing Poker

Whilst the actual chances of you playing in a cash ring poker game or a poker tournament that is rigged in any way shape or form is very, very rare these days, you should always remain on your guard!

The easiest way to do so is to keep a close eye on the dealer and watch the card being shuffled and then dealt out and also watch the other players sat around your table and if you do notice anything suspicious then report it to the pitboss, floor manager or even the security staff.

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