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Gaming Tax Rises Forcing the Closure of Many Poker Rooms

August 1, 2018 August 2, 2018 Jay Castillo

They do say that two things in life that you can be assured of are taxes and death, and both of them are things that are currently affecting the land based poker environment quite seriously.

As it is virtually unheard of for any Government, except of course the most forward thinking ones to cut back the tax rates and tax brackets that any type of gambling activities will fall into, over the past few years we have seen some quite excessive tax rises being forced upon all land based gambling sites.

Every square foot of such premises have to keep the money rolling in, and poker rooms especially located in those in land based casinos can and often do take up a lot of floor space, and with many poker players now playing online and via their mobile devices, the number of players that do visit such a venue are dwindling away.

Faced with the increase costs of running such venues, coupled with the fact there has been no increase in regards to the number of people visiting those venues, many long established poker rooms have been forced to close.

Online Poker Sites Getting a Good Deal

One way that land based poker rooms and land based casinos that offer such a venue in places such as Las Vegas and Atlantic City have been able to ride out the storm is by them launching their own online poker sites.

By doing so their operating costs a way lower than the costs associated with running such a venue in a land based premises, and they can of course attract more players to their online operations as players do not need to make a concerted effort to visit those online poker sites.

Cross Border Gambling and Poker Site Regulations

It is always worth keeping in mind that if you do fancy trying out online poker sites or even accessing a range of poker games and huge cash prize paying poker tournaments on your mobile device is that you do have plenty of opportunities of doing so.

The number of poker sites and poker apps is always growing, but the best piece of advice that I can pass onto you about playing poke online or via a mobile poker site is to stick to those that are licensed and regulated in your own home country of residence, or are licensed in a country that has an agreement with the one you live in regarding cross border gambling.

By doing so you are never going to fall victim to poker cheats and poker sites that are operating anything less than 100% fair and random poker games.

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