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Ireland Could Increase Poker and Gambling Taxes

August 17, 2018 August 17, 2018 Jay Castillo

Gambling taxes in all shapes and forms are what many governments of the world like to rely on to ensure their coffers are kept as full as is possible, however there is often a very fine line regarding the rate at which those taxes should be set.

Over in Ireland for example the gambling tax rate is one of the lowest in the developed world, and the rate at which betting and gambling companies have been enjoying for many years is just 1%, and you can see why those gambling and betting companies do enjoy that extremely low tax rates!

However, thanks to lobbying by certain quarters the tax rate in Ireland on gambling may just be about to be doubled to 2%, and it is not government greed that could force the increase in that tax rate figure, but by gambling problem charities suggesting the extra tax raised could be given to the support of those people who do find themselves getting addicted to gambling.

Whilst the amounts of cash that are raised in Ireland are not be any stretch of the imagination huge, being as they are around €50m per year, doubling that tax rate would obviously mean an extra €50m could then be set aside for those with a gambling addition problem, which can only be a good thing.

Gambling Problems Exposed

One of the major problems with any type of gambling addiction is that there are often never any outwards signs given by those in the grip of addiction.

However, those problems will eventually come to light, and it is often the case that a gambler who is having problems will their gambling activities will only ever seek help when they have hit rock bottom, but there is always help available.

Never be Afraid to Seek Help and Support

If you do personally feel that you gambling in whatever shape or form it takes, has got completely out of hand then the best course of action you can take it to immediately seek help and support.

It doesn’t matter in which country of the world you live you are going to find plenty if support groups and charitable organisations that can help you get back on track, but the hardest thing for any addicted gambler is reaching out for help, however as soon as they do that help will be immediately forthcoming!

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