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Is Tougher Poker Site Advertising Regulation Needed?

August 10, 2018 August 13, 2018 Christopher Andrews

People are always banging on about there being way too many advertisements being shown on TV these days that promote a gambling site or one type of another, and you only have to watch any TV channel into the evening you are going to be shown plenty of such advertisements.

Some of those advertisements will of course be for poker sites who want poker players to flock to their sites, and much like advertises for betting site or online and mobile casinos, people always get up in arms due to the fact that those adverts are shown, and many people always want them to be banned.

The reason for people demanding such advertisements to be banned is that a small percentage of the adult population are experiencing gambling related problems, and there are of course all manner of different poker players and gamblers and people seem to think that is such people do not see such advertisements then they are not going to gamble.

That is of course complete nonsense, and what such complainers need to be aware of is that if somebody does have a gambling problem, they are going to gamble come what may and is rarely if ever going to rush to sign up to a gambling site or poker site if they see an advertisements on TV promotion such a site!

Gambling is Here to Stay

Online gambling, mobile gambling and of course gambling in any type of licensed venue is something that is hugely popular, and there is no way in the world such places are going to go away, much more so as many countries of the world now licensed and regulated and also tax such sites and venues.

As such people do need to realise that those places are going to want to advertise and much like any other business or company they should be allowed to do so.

Gambling Problems Need Addressing

People do need to take responsibility for their own actions and if they have a gambling problem then they should seek help with that problem as there are plenty of places they can visit to get their problems address.

People who do gamble responsibility and enjoy doing so every now and then should be nannied or told that they cannot see advertisements for poker sites or for any type of gambling site as that is something they should be allowed to see, so they can pick and choose where they play, much like a shopper will watch an advertisement and by doing so many fancy visiting one shop or retail outlet.

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