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Online Poker Has Been Compared to Terrorism by Ex US Senator!

August 23, 2018 August 23, 2018 David Nugent

Now it is very true to say that some people can become completely obsessed in their hatred and opposition to online gambling in any shape or form, and that is of course their right, however one ex US Senator has just gone on record as saying that online poker is as bad as terrorism!

It is the one time Arkansas Senator Blanche Lincoln who has compared online poker to terrorism and the platform she chose to do so was in a piece she wrote for the Financial Times,  so it does appear if you are going to make some outlandish claims, you may as well do so in a trusted newspaper!

She is one of a small number of people who are determined, no matter what the cost, to keep online gambling and poker in particular away from the internet, which is something she does of course face an uphill battle to try and achieve as it has already become an established pastime that many players currently take part in.

There does appear to be no rhyme or reason in her stating such though, for many poker sites are now legally licensed to operate, and have all manner of unique player protection systems in place to allow poker and gambling site operators to detect any type of gambling problem, which does appear to be what she is concerned with the most.

Deposit and Loss Limits

If you haven’t yet signed up to a poker site online, then one thing I would like to draw your attention to is that the majority of them take responsible gambling very seriously, and as such have systems in place that are there to help players control their own gaming sessions.

What online poker players have access to are a range of option settings that automatically appear when they log into a poker site, on which a range of different settings can be put into use.

Therefore if a poker player for example wishes to set a time limit on their next poker playing session, put into place a deposit limit or even a loss limit, then they are options that are available to them.

Online Poker Sites are here to stay!

Make no mistake about it, despite what Blanche Lincoln does say, online poker is here to stay and has already become a multibillion dollar industry that is highly regulated and does of course raise tax revenues for many US States and countries around the world too.

In fact, playing poker online is much more popular than poker being played in land based poker rooms, thanks to the convenience it offers, as players are able to log on and play from the comfort for their own homes.

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