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Poker Players Access to Pokie Machines Restricted

August 21, 2018 August 21, 2018 James Anderson

If you play poker over in New Zealand, and you also enjoy playing pokie machines then in September you are going to find that the pokie machines available to you at several different venues are going to be paused and in fact possibly turned off for one hour each day!

The reason for that is that to mark the Gambling Harm Awareness Week in New Zealand lots of pokie machine operators in all manner of different venues are going to be turning off their machines in respect of that event.

Gambling is of course a problem in New Zealand much like it is in any other country of the world, and  by turning off their pokie machines for an hour during that week it is hoped it will give any gamblers that may be experiencing a problem time to reflect on their problems and possibly seek help with them too.

In fact, I think that is a good idea for anybody that is in the grip of a gambling addition problem who cannot play pokie machines for example due to them all being turned off, many just use that time to seek out the help they do need and require.

Help Available for Gambling Related Problems

If you do feel you have a problem with any of your gambling activities, which could be when playing poker, playing pokie machines or even when betting on sports events, and you do live in New Zealand there are plenty of organisations that you an approach to seek help and advice.

It is always much better for you to seek help, support and advice as soon as you can do rather than wait until you reach absolute rock bottom with is sadly what most addicted gamblers do.

Self Exclusion a Helpful Tool

If you do feel that you want to stop gambling in any shape or form then I would urge you to make use of the self exclusion tools that are available at online poker and gambling sites and are also available in land based poker rooms, sports betting venues and casino and bingo venues too.

When you self exclude yourself from any venue or sit what you are doing is telling the operator of those sites and venues that you no longer wish to gamble any more, and they will then effectively ban your from their sites and premises and not let you enter and gamble in them again.

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