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Regulators Insist Children Shouldn’t be Exposed to Gambling Adverts

July 21, 2018 July 26, 2018 David Nugent

Gambling is everywhere. From Village Hall raffles to Casino’s, you can’t bloody escape it. I am a gambler, and I quite enjoy it, but recently everything from those God awful talk shows where we discover that the baby not one of the 6 men unceremoniously dragged on stage for a paternity test, but even quiz shows. In the UK, the quiz show The Chase is sponsored by Gala Bingo. What does general knowledge have to do with bingo? What’s next, Songs of Praise sponsored by Vatican Bingo?

Anyway, gambling is something that only adults, who have a grasp and concept of risks should be exposed to such ads. A child doesn’t understand the whole concept of risk, and when adverts (often) erroneously claim that your life will change for the better with the simple click of a button, while an adult has to make a conscious decision to not only locate said website, but then set up and account, and then add funds to it. Knowing full well the risk vs. returns.

Way Too Many Gambling Site Adverts

So why are prime time spots being taken over by Foxy Bingo, Gala Bingo, One Legged Lesbian Donkey Bingo? No matter which way you look at it, playing bingo is still gambling. Granted slightly longer than a spin of the reels on slots or the spin of a wheel on roulette, but, it’s still gambling. Just because your Great aunt Ethel goes out every Tuesday night with Gladys, Rosemary and Irving to the bingo hall, doesn’t make it any less gambling.

But Great Aunt Ethel more than likely only plays with money she can afford to lose, and more than likely that is her weekly vice, a bit like someone going to the pub on a Saturday night.

Reason Why Children Can be Tempted to Gamble

Because children, especially teens, are a) fearless, b) thick as two short planks, c) immature, they don’t see the risks associated with gambling, and are far more likely to chase losses. They’ll also not think about Mortgage payments, council Tax, Credit Card bills, and shockingly, a lot of parents keep all their card details saved in the cache of their browser for convenience. That’s essentially giving them a free pass.

I’m not trying to send the world into prohibition, hell, the night before that came in, I’d be absolutely sloshed, bankrupt and have a stockpile of anything with an ABV over 40%! But the ads for gambling really need to be reigned in until after the watershed (I’d also like feminine hygiene products to not be shown while I’m having my dinner!).

The only way we can avoid kids becoming problem gamblers, is by preventing them doing it in the first place, and the best place to start, is with adverts. Sit in any casino, and I guarantee you, not one person is grinning like a Cheshire Cat on Speed.

The adverts are misleading, and kids get a false sense of security, but for regulated gambling sites that only accept adults lots of cash can be raised for healthcare and other much needed services and many new gambling venues are also opening up, not just poker sites!

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