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Regulators Worried About Under Age Poker Site Players

July 21, 2018 July 21, 2018 David Nugent

Due to the very nature of the internet, it is much harder for the operator of an online or mobile poker site to detect underage gambling at their sites than the operator of a land based poker room.

Obviously when a player does appear to be under the legal age to gamble in a land based poker room they can be challenged on the spot, and will then be required to provide official government issued identity documents such as a passport or driving license that proves their age.

With it being quite easy for online poker players to get hold of a prepaid debit card or a prepaid vouchers such as a PaySafeCard voucher, and just as easy for an underage player to obtain either of those two things, regulators are demanding that all poker sites increase the systems they have in place for spotting those latter types of players.

As such there are many new systems being put into place at all fully licensed and regulated poker sites that allows the operators of such sites to spot anybody that is an underage gambler and spot them very quickly too.

How to Detect Underage Players

The most obvious way than an online or mobile poker site operator can and will be able to detect an underage gambler is for those sites to insist that as soon as a player has registered to use their site that account will become locked until such a time that the players sends in the required copies of their identification documents.

As an added precaution some poker sites will insist on new players make use of a third party verification service to ensure that they are old enough to gamble at their poker sites.

Why Online Poker Sites Appeal to Underage Gamblers

It is due to the fact that advertisements are shown on TV and all over the interest that people who are not old enough to gamble will attempt to play poker online, for the lure of a huge poker win can be too much for such people, and the promotion of major poker tournaments too.

It is of course also a challenge for most youngster these days to try and circumvent the systems in place to detect underage gambling at sites such as inline and mobile poker sites so most kids tend to do it just for the thrill of being able to do so!

However, one of the main reasons a youngster may try and sign up and play at a poker site is that they are blissfully unaware of the risks associated with gambling.

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