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Will UK Poker Sites Face Tighter Legislation?

July 19, 2018 July 19, 2018 Michael Wright

The UK was once a place that had some very liberal laws and rules surrounding gambling, however it has been recently announced that one type of gambling that is going to face some much tighter legalisation is a type of gaming machine known as a FOBT.

They are basically gaming machines located in UK betting shops that allow players to play a range of different casino styled games, with some very high stakes, but that is about to change for previously punters have been able to play for stakes as high as 100 ever 20 seconds, but those stakes are going to be reduced down to just 2.00.

It was due to the fact gambling charities have been seeing a huge increase in the number of people who have become addicted to playing those machines that has led to the UK Government deciding to lower the stakes, and many speculators are now suggesting that online poker sites may be subject to a new maximum stake limit.

That does of course pose a major problem for poker sites, for it there was to be a maximum permitted stake limit imposed on the games they offer they would not be able to offer games such as No Limit Texas Hold’em and plenty of other games would have to be withdrawn from use on their sites too.

Player Gambling Limit Settings

What all UK licensed gambling sites are now legally obliged to do is to allow their customers to make use of a range of fully adjustable gambling limit settings when they log into their accounts, and as such a player can set the maximum loss limits, time limits they wish to play for an also set a maximum amount they are prepared to deposit during a certain number of hours.

Those self imposed gambling limit settings are probably all that should be required for if there is one gambling industry that is going to be affected very badly from any maximum betting limit laws and regulations it is online poker sites!

Profits Up for Online Poker Sites

Online poker is and always has been since it launched a very popular pastime, and whilst that industry has suffered from ups and downs over the years, it is now as popular as it has always been much more so since some US States have chosen to allow residents within their State boundaries to play real money poker online.

Profits have been growing at such sites over the last few months quite noticeably, and it is expected to be a trend that should continue well into next year too.

Many additional US States are also eagerly trying to put into place legalisation that will allow their respective gambling commissions issue licenses to such sites, and the more of them that do decide to legalise online poker playing for real money the more people will start to do so, in fact many US poker players already play online but at poker sites that are licensed outside of the US!

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