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Do Charity Poker Events Need a Gaming License?

August 1, 2018 August 1, 2018 Jessica Wilson

The laws surrounding playing poker in any type of playing environment are of course strictly enforced, however there are going to be plenty of opportunities for you to take part in charity fund raising events that offer a poker tournament or range of poker games.

In fact, one quite famous celebrity that made an appearance at such an event recently was Kim Kardashian West, and over the years there have of course been many other celebrities who have endorsed such events too.

However, the laws surrounding such charity events, especially those in which some form of gambling does take place can be quite different from town to town and country to country, however most regulators will take a fairly liberal outlook at such events, if of course a registered charity is involved or will be benefitting from such an event.

The most common type of poker charity event will be one in which a poker tournament does take place in which entrants can pay an admission fee all of which is going to the associated charity, and can then try to win a range of prizes which have also been donated to that event.

I am also aware of some professional poker players who have won a fortune via their poker action do also endorse and even take part in such events to help stir up interest in them.

Poker Sites that Donate to Charity

Poker players do however need to tread very carefully, legally, when they opt to play poker online for example at a poker site that makes donations to charities, for you do need to ensure that you are legally allowed to play at such sites.

Things to keep in mind include any minimum legal age requirements, and also but just as importantly if the country in which you live in does permit online gambling in any shape or form to.

Should Charities Accept Gambling Related Donations?

There is of course the age old question of whether charities should be accepting donations from any type of gambling activities, for there are lots of people each year that do experience gambling related problems.

However, as long as those charitable events are well run and operated to the very highest of standards and are one off events then I doubt there are going to be any of the people who do take part in them that are going to experience a negative effect of doing so.

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