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Increased Poker Site Duties Not Affecting Operator Profits

August 3, 2018 August 3, 2018 Christopher Andrews

Since the economic crisis back in 2008, many land based poker sites have been seeing a sharp decline in income and therefore the profits of the poker venues they operate, however things do appear to be turning the corner.

In fact, over in the USA the State of Nevada whilst having seen many poker room closing up, those that have weathered the storm are now performing well, which an increase of players visiting Vegas poker rooms, which is music to the ears of the operators of those venues.

The online and mobile poker playing environments have seen some increases regarding the way in which they are taxed, and whilst that does then put many of them on the same level playing field as land based poker rooms and venues, those increase in taxes and duties charges is not having any negative effects on the profitability of such sites.

So  it is very true to say that both the online and land based poker playing environments are once again booming, however one has to decide whether that is due to more players taking up playing poker, or simply due to many poker rooms and poker sites closing down, resulting in fewer places for players to play.

Cross-Promotion of Poker Venues and Sites

One of the ways that for example a land based poker room operator that also operates land based poker rooms is going to stir up a great deal of interest in their operators is by offering poker tournaments that appeal to players in both playing environments.

Therefore what you are going to see are plenty of online poker tournaments that ultimately award winners with all expense paid prizes that will see those winners then being given a free entry into a major land based tournament.

Keep an Eye on the Law

One final thing I would however draw to the attention of anybody that is interested in playing poker online, is to ensure that they familiarize themselves with the country specific laws of doing so, as they can and do vary from country to country.

In fact, in the US the laws surrounding the legality of playing poker online can and do also change from state to state, and players are not going to be permitted to play at a poker site that is licensed and regulated in another state unless that has been deemed legal to do, having said that though some US States are looking as legalizing online poker in the very near future.


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