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Poker Players in the Philippines Unhappy With Presidents Decision

August 7, 2018 August 13, 2018 Claire Aleman

Things were looking good for poker and casino card game players in the Philippines, for having negotiated a lease for a brand new casino, the like of which that part of the world had never seen before, Landing International Development Ltd broke ground on the site today.

However, things suddenly took what could best be described than a turn for the worse, for no sooner had that ground been broken, an urgent message was passed onto the assembled crowd that the President of the Philippines, has decided the company would not be given that lease after all.

This obviously sent shock waves through the management team at Landing International Development Ltd, and upon further investigation the reason given for the revocation of the lease was on the ground that is was too generous a deal for the company and not the Philippines!

This has to be one of the only cases of its type whereby a company had been given the go ahead for a huge project, broke the ground on the site and with minutes that deal was revoked, and would no longer be going ahead!

No Chance of an Appeal

As is was the President of the Philippines himself who gave the order for the revocation of the lease, sadly it would appear that there is no way in the world that Landing International Development Ltd are going to be able to lodge an appeal.

Whilst they may be given the opportunity to, there is no way that the ease will be reinstated; however there may be a way they could renegotiate it to allow the project to continue.

Gambling Big Business in Asia

Due to the sheer amount of money involved in this deal and of course with gambling in general being such a huge business sin Asia as a whole one would expect Landing International Development Ltd to try and re-negotiate that deal.

If not then it will probably be open to tender once more and another company could step in and submit a much more favourable deal for that lease to the Philippines President, until one of those two options are acted on no further worked will be carried out on the site!

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