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Regulating the Fairness of Poker Games Online

July 30, 2018 July 30, 2018 Danielle Green

It can be rather confusing when you set your mind to researching how poker site operators are able to assure their customers that their range of poker games are perfectly fair and random, that is why licensing commissions and regulators take that out of their hands.

As such what you are going to find is that when you do visit the website of a poker site is the logo and approval certificate from a third party games testing company.

It will be those third party companies who are tasked with check out every single game on offer, the software that are powering those games align with the random number generators on offer at those sites, and they will put each game through a vigorous testing and verification process that could later months.

However, at the end of the testing period if the games are deemed to be completely fair and random they will issue a certificate saying as much, and in turn the poker site operator can present that certificate to their licensing commission or licensing authority who will ten permit them to make those games available on their respective sites, those players do have the complete peace of mind in knowing those games are fair and random at all times.

Poker Site Licenses

The easiest way that you can verify for yourself whether any poker site does hold a gambling license is by taking a look initially over their respective websites, and on the index page you should find out who has licensed those poker sites and what their license number is.

You should then also pay a visit to the gambling commission or gaming authorities website and enter the license number to see if that license is valid and still on force, so make sure that is something you do!

Gaming and Playing Logs

It is also worth me pointing out that when you do choose to play at most poker sites they are going to give you can access to all of your gaming and playing logs, usually via your online or mobile account.

That will then allow you to check the way in which the games dealt out each card to your hand and also those of your opponents, so if you do ever want to review your game play then that is something you have the option of doing at most poker sites!

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