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Player Worries Over Mobile Poker Apps

August 22, 2018 August 22, 2018 Barbara Cohen

As a poker player, you do of course have the option of being able to play poker in any land based poker room, or you can of course get stuck into playing poker online, or if you prefer you can download a mobile poker app, and by doing so you can play anywhere you happen to be.

However, it is being reported by many poker players that they have been experiencing disconnections from certain poker apps, and as such one aspect of playing poker in that environment that is sure to cost players dear is being disconnected when they have a good hand.

Sadly, there are always going to be lots of different reasons why a player will get disconnected from a poker room, when using their mobile devices to connect to a poker site via an app, and the most obvious one is simply losing your signal to your airtime provider’s mast.

Therefore if you are a vastly experienced poker player, or simply a player that doesn’t want to experience the extremely annoying effects of being disconnected from a  poker game, you should avoid using an app, as there is always the chance your signal could drop.

How Disconnections Are Handled

The rules pertaining to any player disconnections are more or less the same at any poker sites, and what will happen if you are playing in cash ring games is that you current hand will eventually be timed out, and then you will sit out each additional game on the table you were playing at until you manage to reconnect.

In regards to playing in a poker tournament, your hand will once again be timed out, but on any subsequent hand you will be required to pay any small or big blinds when required too, until you do manage to reconnect.

Some Poker Apps Are More Reliable than Others

As far as actual poker apps go, there are some that are very reliable, but at the end of the day if your signal is lost then the disconnects rules are going to come into force and no matter how reliable a poker network is, it is never the fault of the poker network if you are disconnected due to a signal failure.

You will always be taking risks when using a poker app, but if you are connected up to a reliable Wi-Fi signal you should be fine.

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