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Poker Game Variant Diversity Keeping Poker Sites Alive

August 20, 2018 August 20, 2018 Danielle Green

It is all too easy for the operators of poker sites to get complacent these days, for is those sites that have been able to attract a very large number of players, and those that have always been able to get a constant stream of new players signing up to their sites, take their eye off the ball they could suddenly fall by the way side.

History so littered with one time huge poker sites and poker networks, that for one reason or another didn’t keep pace with the ever changing world of online poker playing, and in no time at all those sites and networks became less popular with players and in a lot of cases caused them to go out of business.

If there is one major factor that will allow a poker site to be as appealing as is possible to new poker players and poker players that have been playing online for years it is a large and varied poker game variant selection.

There what I have noticed recently is that many of the forward thinking poker sites have been adding new types of poker game variants to their networks and list of available games, and some of them include games such as 2-7 Single and 2-7 Triple Draw, Courchevel hi-lo and also Razz, Horse an even Badugi poker too.

Bonuses No Longer a Deal Breaker

There was a time when the only reason why poker players who sign up to a poker site, often in very high numbers due to there being a high valued poker bonus up for grabs.

However, those days are now long gone and it is no longer the case that poker players are only going to be tempted to play at a poker site simply to increase the value of their poker playing bankroll by claiming a bonus!

Busy Poker Sites are what Players Demand

Poker players want to have the peace of mind in knowing they are going to be able to access the poker games they enjoy playing and much more importantly have fully mastered playing, however they are also looking for busy poker sites too.

The main attraction for any poker player who wants to play online of a very busy poker room is that they will then always be guaranteed of being able to find a cash ring table that uses the variant and playing structure they are seeking, and of course busier poker sites do have much higher valued poker tournament prize pools attached to them too!

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