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Poker Stars Report Huge Increase in Income

August 15, 2018 August 15, 2018 Amanda Rothman

It is always good to see an online poker site operator doing well, for if there is one thing that all poker players are actively seeking out these days it is a reliable, safe and secure poker playing environment  and a poker site they can trust.

The Stars Group operate all manner of gambling sites online, however they are best known for their hugely popular, and it would also appear their hugely profitable online and mobile poker site, that being Poker Stars.

They have just announced a massive $14 million increase in their income for the second quarter of this year and in total their income was a whopping $217 million, which does of course prove they are certainly going something right!

It is of course not only that famous Poker Stars poker site they operator for they also operate an online casino and seven an online sportsbook, and another thing that may surprise you is that the Stars Groups income is now gained from their non poker sites!

Diversifying In New Gambling Sectors

One thing that is going to ensure that Poker Stars, along with their parent company, that being the Stars Group can achieve an increase in income year or year is the fact that they are diversifying into new markets constantly.

That is very evident in countries such as the USA which until only recently did not offer online gambling licenses but have no started to do so in a handful of US States with many more expected to follow, and they are of course markets they want to move into and will be doing.

The Future Looks Good for Poker Stars

Poker Stars has without a shadow of a doubt a proven and very reliable poker network, and many poker players do enjoy the way their poker software platform works and operates and tend to stick to playing at their sites rather than play elsewhere.

Part and parcel of staying at the top in the online poker environment for any operator is having a huge customer base and always being able to increase the number of players they have, and that is something that Poker Stars has always been able to achieve.

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