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Poker Player William Jordanou Jailed for Fraud

August 16, 2018 August 16, 2018 James Anderson

If there is one thing that any poker player is going to need to be able to enter any cash ring games or poker tournaments it is of course a bankroll. It is always going to be the size of any poker player’s bankroll that will ultimately determine just which games and tournaments they can afford to enter.

Whilst the majority of poker players are of course law abiding citizens and will have to scrape together their poke playing bankrolls from hard work, there are some who are prepared to pull all manner of stunts, commit a range of crimes or even go on a scamming type of spree to acquire their money!

The latter is something that one poker player did unfortunately try to do, and the poker player is William Jordanou, a 60 year old poker player who was well known on the poker circuit, much more so over in Australia.

In what a judge has described as a fraud of breathtaking proportions he has just been found guilty and sentenced to 9 years in prison for defrauding the Commonwealth Bank of nearly $58 million. He did so during 20120 and 2104 by using fake and false documents to secure loans from that bank!

Poker Site High Risk Player Detection Systems

All fully licensed poker sites and poker rooms should have their own unique systems in place that allows them to detect and pinpoint any players that may be display signs of gambling addiction.

In fact, gambling licenses issuers such as Gambling Commission and Gaming Authorities now heavily fine or even remove the licenses from any poker sites or poker room venues that do not have responsible gambling policies in place that can detect such players, which does add another level of protection to players who may be in the grip of a gambling addiction.

Always Stay in Control

We will never know if it was an addiction to playing high stake poker that let to William Jordanou committing bank fraud of such epic proportions, but a recent spell of losses at the poker tables can throw some people over the edge.

Therefore, if you are about to start playing poker online, on a mobile phone or even in a land based poker room venue, always make sure that you set your own gambling limits and stick to them rigidly, as gambling in any shape or form does always come with risks attached!

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