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Arizona State Poker Championship Abandoned

August 14, 2018 August 14, 2018 Claire Aleman

The Talking Stick Resort in Arizona is a casino that many poker players enjoy making their annual pilgrimage to, for each year the Arizona State Poker Championship takes place in the poker room of that venue, and each year it tends to get even more popular than the previous one.

However, things took a very bad turn for the worse in this year’s event for a sudden and somewhat expected storm hit the area, and whilst storms do pass overhead during the summer months, this one was particularly devastating.

The upshot of the massive influx of water in the surrounding area was that all power was lost to the Talking Stick Resort, causing the venue to instigate their emergency policy and evacuate guests, close down their gaming floors and ultimately cancel all current events at the venue.

An announcement however is expected later today as to whether the Arizona State Poker Championship will continue in one form or another or whether it will not be going ahead as planned this year due to the storm, which whilst having now passed has caused major problems for the local area which is still being attended to by the authorities and emergency services.

Always Expect the Unexpected Playing Poker

This incident does however go to show that if you are a poker player then you should always expect the unexpected when entering any poker tournament!

Weather rarely takes a hand in any poker tournament, but it is worth keeping in mind that even in the long summer months in places such as Las Vegas sudden storms can hit any area, at any time of the day or night and when they do they can wreak havoc on the surrounding area.

Upcoming Major Poker Tournaments

Keep in mind that as many Las Vegas casinos are quite quiet currently if you do enjoy playing poker then due to their being much fewer poker players in town, it will certainly be worth you entering some to eh guaranteed poker tournaments on offer there.

The fewer players the better for you will of course have fewer opponents to beat when the tournaments are undersubscribed, however as the prizes pools are guaranteed you are not going to have to make do with much lower cash prizes on offer in any such tournament, so always keep that in mind to give yourself a slightly increased winning chance!

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