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Can Land Based Poker Tournaments Ever Be Revived

August 6, 2018 August 6, 2018 Christopher Andrews

The number of visitors to Las Vegas and the income generated by casino venues in that major gambling destination has been dropping very significantly over the summer months, and whether it is just a season blimp or something much more serious, does of course remain to be seen.

However, if this is a long term problem, then not only are we going to see casino resorts making their usual cutbacks when times turn bad, but there could be even more poker room closures, which is something that has been happening over recent years.

It is true to say that most poker players visiting Vegas are going to want to sit down and play cash ring games as opposed to tournaments, but all major poker rooms do of course have a good mix of both cash games and poker tournaments.

But it is the online gaming environment that is stealing a march on all land based venues, for there is no getting away from the simple fact that they have more customers going through their cyber doors, which means they can offer some significant prize pools, with land based poker rooms find hard to compete with.

Legal Online Poker Sites are the Way Ahead

In places such as the UK poker rooms are virtually a thing of the past these days for most players do tend to play online, and there is nowhere as much interest in playing poker in land based venues as there used to be in the US.

However, with the advent of online poker sites being made legal in the US that is the ideal opportunity for land based casinos to promote their one in-house poker rooms, and if markets correctly it could complete revive those venues beyond all recognition.

Players are much more likely to play at a legal poker room that play poker underground where they risk arrest and worse.

Satellite Tournaments Will Increase in Number

One ideal way for land based poker room or revive their venues is by offering their online players a range of satellite tournaments in which the winners win a direct entry into one of their major poker tournaments held in their land based poker rooms.

In fact, the sky is the limit as to the many different promotional offers and cross promotions that could be used to help revive those venues, and is that is done correctly there should be a sharp increase in regards to the number of poker rooms that are going to be here for the long term and not be faced with closure any time soon.

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