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Journalist Experiences His First Land Based Poker Tournament

August 13, 2018 August 13, 2018 Michael Wright

The way in which most poker players will experience playing and taking part in poker tournaments, is fairly straight forward, they simply sign up to a poker site online and can enter as many of them are they so desire.

However, the thought of playing a poker tournament in a major land based casino or gambling venue can strike fear into the most hardened online poker players but that is something that a Scottish journalist was very eager to try out.

It was a journalist from the Daily Record one Mark McDougall who travelled to Money Carlo to experience firsthand just how daunting a land based poker tournament was, and in his column today he reports it was not as he had imagined.

The upshot of his visit left him with the lasting impression that poker is for everybody, no matter what class or social standing, and even though some of the major poker tournaments are held in very glamorous surroundings you meet players from every walk of life, and having been bitten by the bug I am sure he will want to try his luck in a few more tournaments, sooner rather than later!

Satellite Poker Tournaments Leading the Way

One of the downsides of wanting to enter a major land based poker tournament, is that the entry fees to do so can be enormous, and out of the reach of most poker players.

However, that was until a type f poker tournament knock as Satellite poker tournaments came along, they are simply very low cost tournaments in which the winner or winnings are given a direct entry into a major tournament, and often the travel expenses are paid to allow the winning player or players to get there at no personal expense.

Experience Counts for Everything

If there is one thing that you should ensure you are fully familiar with long before you ever do pay to enter any type of poker tournament being played in absolutely any type of poker environment, it is to learn how to play the base game perfectly.

Many inexperienced poker players think they know all there is to know about entering such tournaments, however it is often the case that an inexperienced poker player will get eaten alive by the other players sat around the poker tables they are playing at, and won’t be in a tournament for very long!

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