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No Understanding of Poker Rules is No Concern for Ex-Boxer

August 6, 2018 August 6, 2018 Jessica Wilson

If there is one thing you do have to know all about before you ever set about playing poker, is a deep understanding of the rules of playing whichever poker game variant you do want to play.

There is no greater saying that a fool and his money are soon parted, and that is something you could say about anybody that had publically announced that they wanted to play high stakes poker without having any clear understanding of the rules associated with poker!

Well, it appears that the onetime heavy weight title holder, that being no other David Haye is aiming to do, for he says he has a passion for winning a poker tournament title, and he is prepared to put his money where his mouth is.

The only problem he has yet to overcome is the fact that he has admitted he doesn’t really understand the rules of poker, but he is convinced that if he turns his mind to it he can add a major poker tournament trophy to his awards won in the boxing ring, but whether that is something he will eventually do, does of course remain to be seen!

Likely Venues for David Haye’ Poker Talents

There are of course plenty of places that David Haye can choose to play poker in, and he might choose to play in one of the many upcoming poker tournaments in Atlantic City, for there is a huge schedule of poker tournaments which he can easily afford to buy into, each of which come with massive prize pools.

However the smart money will of course be for him to enter one of the major land based poker tournaments that are schedule for the coming months over in Las Vegas, and I am sure each Vegas based casino will be honoured to have him every their poker tournament!

Online Poker Site Ambassador

There is of course that an online poker site could snap up Said Haye and have his as the face of their site, and if so then he could take part in lots of knockout and bounty tournaments as that site.

By doing so he would of course stir up plenty of interest in that poker site and he would always gain valuable playing experience too, and with a bounty on his head  plenty of players will be eager to knock him out on any tournament his does set forth and play in!

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