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The Aria Poker Room Still a Big Hit with Players

August 20, 2018 August 20, 2018 Craig Anthony

When it comes to the land based poker playing environment in Las Vegas, it has often been the case that poker rooms will be a big hit with players for a few months but then fall out of favour with players who then move on to other poker rooms, often in very large numbers.

The reason for the migration of poker players from one room to another is purely down to what is on offer at each of them, and with some clever marketing ploys, even a poker room that has no striking features or widespread appeal could suddenly become the place to visit.

However, as for just which venue poker players in Vegas go, there is one poker room that is a must visit venue, and one that has been attracting huge number of players for quite some time, and that venue is of course the Aria Poker Room.

Whilst it is true to say it is certainly not the number one destination for local poker players, those who are on holiday and visiting Vegas are much more likely to want to play there, currently at least, than any of the many other Strip based poker rooms.

The Venetian Poker Room is Always Busy Too!

It often surprises first time visiting poker players that the Venetian Casino has both a poker room but one that is quite affordable to players too, for most people get the impression the cash games will come with huge and expensive blinds that are out of the reach of most players.

Well, that is certainly not the case and one of the main attractions for Vegas bound poker players of that poker room is that they have two major poker tournaments each day that are scheduled to start at 12:05 PM and 7:05 PM.

The Elegant Bellagio Poker Room

As for another central Strip poker room, you will always find the Bellagio Poker Room a very popular destination for poker players, and if there was an award for the most elegant one that poker room would win that award each year!

The sheer number of people that visit the Bellagio Casino each day is of course huge, however that high footfall does ensure that there are always a lot of live and open cash ring tables on offer to players, and there is also a very good mix of poker tables available too.

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